Monday, July 27, 2015

US Consulate

This morning we finished all of the paperwork and official stuff and Will is ours. Tonight is our last night in Guangzhou. One more night in Hong Kong and we're home. I can't wait. We're all ready to begin "normal" life with Will, I'm ready to see my kids at home, and we're looking forward to proving to Will that his new home is not a 250 sq. ft. 7th-floor hotel room. We celebrated with Hawaiian pizza and a nap. Will ate 2 pieces.

On our way to the US Consulate.
Guangzhou is pretty much this non-stop. Business buildings topped with high-rise apartments.
The appointment took place during Will's naptime so we were on high-alert for meltdown. He did pretty well! 
17 million people need places to live.
Outside the consulate building. Brandon and I were both feeling the nerves. The last hurdle. Plus about 200 eyes were on us for this picture. Our guide cleared a space in the crowds to take this shot.
Kind of cool to spot this Victorian high-rise.
Met this couple from Nevada on our way out. Note the 'Y' cap.
We're done! Hooray!


Annette Lyon said...


Emily Gray Clawson said...

Wonderful, wonderful news!

kbrebes said...

Congrats!!!! You're inspiring!

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

Thrilled for you. I'd love to meet Will. Hope I can some day!

Jessica said...

Awesome!! So happy you are almost ready to go home.
I recognize their daughter!