Friday, July 17, 2015

Days One, Two, and Three at the Beach

We did it! We squeezed in the beach trip we planned with my sister way back before we knew we were going back to China, and definitely before we knew WHEN we were going back to China. And it was good. It was good to not be making lists and checking lists and stressing about lists. We prepped for both trips before we left for Pacific City, so we came home to a clean house, a freezer full of meals, and 1/3 of the luggage packed. China, here we come! I'll just leave a few pictures of beachy-ness here for your perusal. These are the first three days. I'll do the rest tomorrow because it's late. And yes, this Oregon beach town is the setting for "Of Grace and Chocolate," my first published novel. It's pretty special to me. This family is pretty special to me.

Good night, little beach town.

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