Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Wicked Weekend

Went to see Wicked!  AMazing... wOnderful... The cast was incredible, didn't even have me wishing for the Original, because they were that good!  Thanks Bec, Josh, Debs, Gary, Calista, Cali, and my B!  Happy Anniversary, sweetie!  Eighteen years... kiss me too gently, hold me too tight.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Patiently Waiting For Spring

Yesterday was a good day!  Church was great... I love our people and their smiles and sense of humor.  The spirit is one of brotherhood.  
Later, I looked out my bedroom window to see the three younger kids jumping on the trampoline.  Then, they all sat down with their legs crossed, and just started talking, giggling.  They did that for quite a while.  My oldest came into my room and looked out, too.  "Awww," she said.
Of course, when the boys decided to come in, the youngest threw a fit.  So I did a Mommy Window Show, making faces and pretending someone was grabbing me.  I wonder what the neighbors thought, seeing my little girl laughing and rolling by herself on the trampoline.
I love it when the weather allows us to be outside... comfortably.  The lawn is beginning to green up!  I found four inches of tulip leaves in the backyard!  Baseball practice has begun.   I heard birds this morning.  It was 5 a.m. and I didn't want to be awake yet, but the birdsong was lovely.  Blue skies and 60 this morning.
It's coming!  It's coming!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's a Wide, Wide World

"The Woman Under the Ground", a 115 yr. old Sheepeater interviewed by W. A. Allen. 

(Allen: 1913)
In W. A. Allen's The Sheep Eaters (published in 1913), Allen relates this story told him by a 115 year old Sheep Eater named "The Woman Under the Ground." According to Allen, she spoke in sign language:

"My people lived among the clouds. We were the Sheep Eaters who have passed away, but on those walls are the paint rocks, where our traditions are written on their face, chiseled with obsidian arrow heads. Our people were not warriors. We worshipped the sun, and the sun is bright and so were our people. Our men were good and our women were like the sun. The Great Spirit has stamped our impressions on the rocks by His lightenings; there are many of our people who were outlined on those smooth walls years ago; then our people painted their figures, or traded them with beautiful colored stones, and the paleface calls them "painted rocks."

"Our people never came down into the valleys, but always lived among the clouds, eating the mountain sheep and the goats, and sometimes the elk when they came high on the mountains. Our tepees were made of the cedar, thatched with grey moss and cemented with the gum from the pines, carpeted with the mountain sheep-skins, soft as down. Our garments were made from the skins of the gazelle, and ornamented with eagle feathers and ermine and otter skins.

"We chanted our songs to the sun, and the Great Spirit was pleased. He gave us much sheep and meat and berries and pure water, and snow to keep the flies away. The water was never muddy. We had no dogs nor horses. We did not go far from our homes, but were happy in our mountain adobe." (Allen: 1913).The W"The Woman Under the Ground", a 115 yr. old Sheepeater interviewed by W. A. Allen. 

Thoughts of Easter and a question posed in The Lake, my third novel, have inspired me to explore another story.  What makes a place, a specific location, special... what makes it home?  To you? Why are we drawn to or from spots on this earth, and, setting aside the obvious need for employment options, what do you look for?  Desert?  Mountain?  Forest?  Ocean?  And how does it feel to leave the places we love?

I've always wondered, been fascinated about the people of ancient America, and living in Cody, we are surrounded by history and stories, artifacts and legends.  
As members of the LDS church, we believe a portion of Christian history took place on this continent.  
I'm exploring that correlation.  My B is helping.
Gotta love stories.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is It Really Spring Break?

Some people go to Mexico for Spring Break, some to Palm Beach, some to Hawaii. We go to Rapid City, South Dakota.
It snowed in Cody while we were gone, so we figure it was a step sideways, instead of up, weather-wise.
Our waiter at T.G.I.Fridays asked us if our GPS broke and landed us in Rapid City on our way to our destination. He thought it was pretty funny when we told him Rapid City was our destination.
We had a great, laid-back time, though, and the kids were really good, as you can see from the pictures. We had such a great time, we've decided to make a summer trip and see all the things that were closed by the snow.
And as cold as it was, we're tough Wyomingites. Who needs Mexico?
Maybe next year.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Straight Talk From The Dinner Table

M-  Braeden looks like a churkey.
C- How does he look like a turkey?
M- No, churkey, you know, gobble gobble?
C- Uh, yeah, a turkey.
M- Churkey.
C- How do you spell that?
M- T-U-R-K-E-Y.
C- What sound does the 'T' make?
M- "Chuh"
C-  (thinks, looking at Maren soberly) ... Yup.
A few seconds later...
B- Hey, why do I look like a turkey?
M- Churkey... gobble gobble.

J- (singing annoying kitty-cat song 10 times)
K- Okay, Jacob, I think your "annoying" radar is broken.
J- Mom, I don't have an annoying radar.
K- (stares with eyebrows raised, thinking that explains a lot)
C- He is an annoying radar.

Dad- (to boys after K has asked them to do their dishes several times) Give me one good reason why I shouldn't beat the living snot out of you two.
Boys- (giggling nervously as they mill around the kitchen) We're related?
Dad- Nope, not good enough.
Boys- You're our father and you love us?
Dad- Nope.
Boys- (more nervous now as Dad stands up, minds thinking as they scramble)
J- You're our Bishop?
Dad pauses, and K cracks up.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

That Library Thing That You Do So Well

I just discovered a cool site for bookworms.  My friend, Carla, heard about it from our friend, Norma.  It's called Library Thing.  Check out the link at the right under Books I've Read To Fill My Glass.  It's a great way to get suggested reading from the titles you've already read.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It's Cold.

For the next little while I will be posting excerpts from the novels.  You can find them to the right in the side bar under Drops Of Ink.  Just because.
I hope to be able to post pictures again soon.  I can't locate the USB port for the camera, and this laptop doesn't do memory cards.  I have some of Chelsea's track meet I'd like to post.  Her 4x800 relay took third, and she won her heat in the 400.  She felt really good about that, and both times were personal bests.  It was a cold, frigid, windy day, and there is a picture of my friend, Rochelle, and I smiling as we manned the long jump event.  Jacob, Maren, and Brandon all came home with sun/wind burns.  Don't know how I didn't get it.  Sunblock in my makeup?  That and Brandon and Jacob were there for 10 hours, while Maren and I were there for five.  I laughed as Brandon took off his skull cap and had a nice solid red arch over his eyebrows.
I said, "Oh, look, a rainbow."
Such is life in Wyoming, where anything can get freeze dried if you just leave it outside for awhile.