Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Halloween Party 2013

You would think that with moving into a new home we would be posting pictures of our new home. I'll have to do that soon. After I take some pictures. And unpack. And decorate.

In the meantime, we were able to attend the annual Family Halloween Party for the first time since 2005! We have really missed this party, mostly because my family LOVES Halloween and goes all out. Everyone has been super busy this year (3 of us siblings moved or are in the process of moving into new homes in the last 2 months) so we simplified a bit, but it was a fun, happy evening for all!

Hey, Neighbor.

Lots of cousins!

I was a moving box. This is how I looked when I was eating my food.

Brandon, eating his food. :)

Cody Family Photos

After our last Sunday in Cody we went out back and took pictures. We didn't know when all of us would be together again, but figured it would be a few months. Chelsea's baby is due November 7th, so probably then. Those will be different kinds of pictures! So here a re a few gems in front of my favorite tree in the yard.

Hooray for being all together! Can't wait until it happens again. With a new little member of the family!

Saying Goodbye

Before we left Cody, our home of 7 years, our friends threw us a get-together to say goodbye. It was fun to see everyone and consider what they've meant to me and to our family. It was also where I was reunited with Brandon after 2 months apart. I wondered how he would react but he gave me a huge hug and kiss in front of everyone so that was pretty amazing. :) Sadly, I remembered the camera after most people had left, but here are a few pics of our dear Cody family. You were our home away from home, our warmth in the long, cold winters, and our smiles when things got tough. I miss you very much and will always be grateful to have lived among my friends in such a wonderful place!

The boys being boys.

Todd, Jamie, and Todd

Claire, Julie, Norma, Jeff

Matt and Chelsea, who came up and surprised us!