Saturday, July 25, 2015

Missing Home

Today I'm missing home a bit and remembered I still have beach pictures to post. Things are still progressing with Will as he continues to show attachment. The sun is out today so this morning we went for a walk to Aeon (Walmart-ish) to buy Cheerios, diapers and wipes. Yay for Cheerios! Then we went swimming at the hotel pool. Will was brave about that, and we played in the kiddie pool until he showed signs that he was done. He loved the swim games we played with him, and when Brandon submerged his head under water and came back up, Will watched, then immediately tried the same thing. Oops. I was holding him so I just lifted him up and he gasped and made fish faces, but he didn't cry. And he didn't try to put his face in the water again. :) Since Will slept late this morning after a long night, and I was exhausted from yesterday's trip to Shamian Island, I decided to stay in the room while Will took a nap, and Brandon went ahead and went on the planned outing with the McGee's and our guide. And I've been missing home as I watch a Chinese kids show I can't understand and is a cross between Rainbow Brite, Sailor Moon, Saved by the Bell, and H R Puffnstuff. I'm kind of addicted. So here are some beach pictures...

WARNING: The following are a set of family mid-air portraits so stunning you will never want to attempt it out of sheer intimidation.

And with that, I will leave you until the internet gives me bars again. Home in 6 days.

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