Tuesday, July 21, 2015

China: Getting Here and Gotcha Day

We've been struggling to get wifi and access to blocked sites (including this one) but I got through (for now) so I'll hurry and post pics. We are here in China and we have Will! He is ours!
Okay so pics aren't loading. I'll have to try again later.
We are in Guangzhou after a 20 hour flight (including a 2 hour layover in Shanghai that turned into a 4 hour delay, 3 of those hours sitting in the plane at 1am). We arrived at The Garden hotel in Guangzhou at about 4am and our room is comfortable and nice. We were able to sleep a few hours before meeting our guide and the other GWCA family the next morning. We were able to connect with the McGee family from Alabama on Facebook just before our trip. They're also an older couple with older bio kids and this is their second trip to Guangzhou to adopt in a year so it's been great having them along with us. We have pictures and video and I see that I now have three bars so I'll try the pics...
Home sweet home.
We peeked through the curtain before they brought him out.
This is one of his nannies. She was very proud of him, I could tell. He did so well. My heart was pounding and he cried when the nanny left, but he did so well.
After the nanny left he reached for Brandon, and cried for a bit. This moment was so sweet.
Things improved a lot after all the nannies left and he could focus on us.
He loves cars. He loves cars. "Coo coo, ooOOOOoooo!" Off we go to the hotel to get to know each other. Whew!


ali cross said...

Hurray! Happy day!

IndyTew said...

So sweet. The daddy hug pic is so sweet. Such a tender moment. That is one lucky baby to have found his way into your hearts and home. Congrats