Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Beach House

winding under green canopy
leaving cityscape to itself
moss grows on red trunks
sunlight breaks through leaves
cool comes through trees
I feel it.
passing fields of verdant
jerseys on the mead
red barns meet old fences
flowers shock against the green
inhale the fresh breeze
I smell it.
climbing rock and woods
curve around the bend
lift the lid of shady hue
open wide daylight blue
flashing water fills the view
I see it.
fleeting through sand hills
grasses wave along
salty mists touch skin
rhythmic hushes welcome
bare feet fly to cool foam
I am home.

~Krista Jensen

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Comments From The Car

Well, the reunion is over, the beach was beautiful, and the last Harry Potter is read. Check, check, check. My summer checklist is dwindling, but that is just fine...so is summer. I feel so fortunate to have had such a full holiday! I have several ideas for blogs, so I will have to spread them out a bit.
We came home to a garden that had doubled its size. Unfortunately, I am referring to the weeds. But after clearing those out, the tomatoes, onions, turnips, and sunflowers, hollyhocks, and daisies are looking quite alive and well, so that is exciting to me. Planting a garden in a new area is a little like trying a new kind of firework on the 4th. You know what should happen, you just don't know if it will. And sometimes it is a dud (remember the little black tablet "snakes"?), but sometimes it is so much better than you thought (like the one we tried that said it would "hover and spark", and it hovered at about 3 feet, then shot 100 ft. in the air and exploded and landed in the neighbor's yard and we all scrambled to bed right then.) So, I am just hoping for somewhere in between and I will be just fine. Gardening is a challenge I face with a smile.
I have to make a note on Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows (no spoilers). It was so satisfying, and I have to say my instincts were right on. I love it when that happens. I am a Harry Potter nerd, I know. Thank you, J.K. Rowling, for some escape time.
A portion of our trip to Washington was spent in the car (36.5 hours total) and as we drove along, I jotted down some amusing quotes to share with all of you (there are about 7 of you, right?). So, there will be more thoughts of summer to come, but for now, I will leave you with a smile.

Chelsea, 14, in Seattle traffic inching along: "That guy looks like Brad Pitt."
Krista: "What's he doing to his nose?"
Brandon: "Looks like he's Brad Pick."

Maren, 5, to boys not getting along in back: "Stop arguing guys...RIGHT NOW!"... stunned silence, followed by her intake of breath and, "I HAVE TO GO POTTY!" (I guess the first yell got her going.)

Chelsea, being silly: "I'm telepathic. I can read minds, ooohhhh!"
Braeden, 12: "Well, I'm a psychic, so I can tell the future. But, only every 2 weeks."
Jacob, 9, perplexed: "But...I only get deja vu!"

Maren, sad: "Why is Chelsea being mean?"
Krista: "Chelsea is grumpy because she had to stop putting her finger in her nose (a gasp from Chels and giggles from Maren). Well, the Dr. said if she stopped putting her finger up there, she wouldn't get so many nose-bleeds." Followed by more giggling and Chelsea trying to put her foot in my face from the middle seat, laughing.

4:50 A.M. Spokane,WA
Krista: "Why are there people out this early?" (referring to traffic in town)
Maren: "Maybe because they have somewhere to go, too."
Krista & Brandon, impressed with her answer: "Yup, I think you're right. They have somewhere to go, too."
Maren: "Yup, like McDonald's. People have to go to McDonald's all the time."

Brandon, quite jovially: "Oh great! Just what I wanted to hear, my oldest daughter complaining."

Maren: "Mommy, I want a mint."
Chelsea: "Mommy is out of mints."
Maren: "NO, there's mints in the purple bag. See? They're in the green bag in the purple bag."
Chelsea, half looking through things: "There aren't any mints!"
Maren: "I want the mints in the PURPLE BAG."
Chelsea finally hands her the green bag from the purple bag.
Maren, exasperated and pointing: "SEE, it says 'MINTS' on...the...bag!" (It doesn't say 'mints'.)

Maren, clearly: "See, Dad, I am being VERY good." (as Chelsea is getting pummelled by Mom for poking, and tickling, and pulling Mom's hair through the back of her seat. She was given ample warnings.)

Happy traveling!