Monday, July 27, 2015

Seeing Guangzhou: Shamian Island

Shamian Island used to be the headquarters for all of the European consulates, established in the 1800s, and I think it remained under that purpose until the 1980s. Now the consulates are scattered in the bigger cities (except Poland is still there). All of the adoptions used to take place there, with all of the families staying on the island at the White Pearl hotel, and the children were brought there. Also there is a rare Protestant chapel that holds service on the island. The settlement is very Colonial European in architecture and layout. One side is bordered by a moat and the other is the Pearl River. We ate lunch at a place called Lucy's and did a little shopping. Will had a hard time and I sweated my face off, but I liked going there for a change of pace. Quiet and lush.

The island is famous for it's bronze statues devoted to family life.

 These two are little buddies. They blink and click and mimic each other. Sweet sweet sweet.

We finished off with a cold cold drink from Starbuck's. 
I drank two more bottles of water when we got back to the hotel. Whew.
Can you find Brandon?

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