Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Ouch! My arm hurts. Maren and I got a flu shot today. I went first and she was very brave for her turn. Now we both have had a candy of our choice (hers: gummy, mine: chocolate), some hot cocoa, and hold our arms to our sides very gingerly. I didn't even think to have it in my right arm (I am left-handed). Oh, well. I hope it helps. I am babysitting a very cute little 7 month old, and his mom works for the health dept., so, we got shots. A few notes on Maren...
The other night as I was tucking the girls in, Chelsea, 14 tomorrow, lamented over some braces that were digging into her cheeks. "Ow! I need some wax... and some..." She was then interrupted by a sharp slap on her arm by Maren, 4. Now, Maren never hits, so we were surprised. "Maren! Why did you hit Chelsea?!" Maren, eyes wide open, replied matter-of-factly, "She said she needed some whaps!" Giggles and tickles ensued. Also, we had some big left-over pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies I had made for our Halloween party, so I put them out with what was left of the frosting and some candy to decorate. After she had her cookie frosted, Brandon observed her putting some gummy worms around the edge of the pumpkin. He asked, "What are you doing there?" She said she was making a frame for the face. She then placed 2 candycorns, standing up 3-D style, for eyes. He thought that was cute and left her to finish. She came into the living room and announced she had finished her cookie. He asked, "You ate it all gone?" She said, "No, come see it." So he went to look. There were about 30 candycorns, all standing up, crammed onto the pumpkin. "Its the face!" Tongue-in-cheek, he told her it was great and left her to eat it. He went in later after she had finished and saw her cookie, all the canycorns swept off neatly to the side, and the frosting licked clean off down the middle. Classic Maren.