Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Dinner for My Valentines

Meatball Hoagies on Toasted Garlic Rolls. Green Salad. Chocolate Pudding and Cream. This is me saying, "I love you."

The spread. Notice the roses. *grins*

I'm sorry, but could we look any more tired? My head's about to flop right onto my Valentine's strong shoulder.

Umm, YUM.

Cutie Patootie.


Oh. Ohhhh.

Kitchen helpers. Love them. Chels becomes impatient when her helpers insist on doing a T-Rex impression and the running man.

This is Maren, "still eating". She's a professional Dinner Prolonger.

There's a lot of pent up anger in that girl. REALLY does not like the T-Rex impression.

Grin-Boy. And apparently a few grease splatters that only show on the wall when a picture is taken.

Brodie, my Valentine last year. Sweet, sweet pup.

Love to you all!