Monday, September 28, 2009

Pleasant September Surprises

Okay, I vote September 2009 the most beautiful month in Cody, Wyoming this year. That is uncluding the 24 hours we had of smoke from a couple of fires towards the park, and the strong wind that blew it all away. Everything has been so green and warm and calm. The summer crowds (surprisingly large this year) are dwindling, but I have to think as I see the tourists walking the main street in new cowboy hats and carrying bags from the Buffalo Co., The Plush Pony, and The Reindeer Ranch, that they were wise in their choice to come see our town at it's finest. Good for you, happy tourists.
I went out to the garden this morning, which only yielded us a couple dozen zucchini (and so, lots of yummy zucchini bread), a hundred under-sized tomatillas, a few onions that survived Abby's trampling, and a plethora of sunflowers I did not plant, and I was surprised. I only planted two tomato plants this year, and one died for unknown reasons. The other, a better boy variety, regular, round, nothing fancy, became a dense, low bush, filling with small, hard oblong fruit that looked nothing like a better boy. More like mini green eggplants. What?
The temperature dropped last night, so I went out to see what was ready to be pulled out of the sagging, unproductive jungle in the back corner of the yard.
I think I might be able to do something with these! There are dozens, and I am so excited. Pathetic!

September also brings football. Jacob, #84
(his dad's number) is a natural at this crush, push, scatter, move, shove, sweat, dirt-stuck-in-the-helmet sport.  Loves it. He is fun to watch, going after that quarterback like he has to put him out. Can't wait for his next game and the re-cap all the way home.

Thanks, September. I'll remember you fondly during rainy, snowy, blowy October.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pop P-pop Pop

Thirty pink balloons, ten hidden slips of paper asking Chelsea to Homecoming.
 Yea!  Have fun, Chels and Matt!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Husband Hero Update

On the phone:
"Hi, hon. I forgot to tell you about something."
"Yeah, you were hunting, and I just realized you should probably know about this.  But I'm not sure how to tell you."
"It's nothing bad.  It's just... have you gotten any emails from Husband Hero, or HH or something?"
"Ummm, I might have.  Why?"
I wince.  "You probably deleted it, huh?  Not knowing what it was?"
"Umm," I hear him clicking on his keyboard, "yeah, I get a lot of junk mail."
"I know.  That's why I'm calling.  It just occurred to me that you might trash it."
"It's not in my trash can anymore.  Well, what is it?"
"Did you read my blog?"
"Umm. yeah.  Oh, that thing about paying for this?"
"I didn't get what that was about.  Should I have clicked on the link?"
I chuckle.  "Mm-hmm.  Let's do that now."
We get on the site together.  I tell him our password.  He giggles.
"I'm in."
"Okay, click on the intro and read that."
He mumbles as he reads.
"This costs money?"  Those of you who know my husband are laughing.
My voice raises just slightly.  "Yes. I paid for it myself. With my own money. Eleven whole dollars for a year."  Okay, so it was raised a little more than slightly.
"Okay, okay."  He sounds amused and convinced.  I relax again.  He resumes murmuring as he reads.
"Okay, done.  I get tips?"
"You already read the whole thing?"
"Mmm, mostly."
"Did you read about where I've listed my favorites and stuff?"
He finds the spot he skimmed over and mumbles some more.  "Oh, so they have that all about you?"
"Should I click on that?"
"Oh.  Oh wow, look.  Did you fill that all out?"
"Well, I want to read it."
"I want you to read it, but not while I'm on the phone."
"Oh, okay. Hey, do I get to fill this out, too?"
"No, it's just for the wives."
"How come?"
"Because I know all this stuff about you."
He chuckles.  "But they should have this for the husbands."
"They know the wives know this already."
"But can I fill it out?"
"If you want to fill it out on paper and give it to me, that would be great."
"I can't fill it out right here?"
"Why not?"
I am laughing.  "Because those are my answers.  It would delete my answers."
He is reading quietly, then breaks.  "Hey, is this why you put that bag of toffee peanuts on my pillow yesterday?"
"No.  I ordered those from Alison's Pantry two months ago.  I know you love them, and they came yesterday."
He is smiling.  "Oh.  But you get tips too, right?"
"Yes, I get tips.  But the program is called Husband Hero."
He chuckles again.  "Right."
"Okay, you keep reading, I am going to figure out how to get them to re-send you the first email, with the tips."
"Okay. I'm going to fill this out."
"On paper."
"Right. Bye, Sweetheart."
"Love you. Bye."

Oh, how I love that man of mine.

My B and the unlucky Pronghorn

Friday, September 11, 2009


We were getting the kids ready for school just after reading scriptures and having family prayer. We were all still in the family room, when my mom called. She was crying and I knew right away something was wrong. She told us to turn the TV on, that she just couldn't believe it. Brandon found it easily, it was everywhere. My mom was still talking to me, but I just remember not breathing, watching the smoke, the people at the windows... then the second plane struck and I grabbed Jacob and held him tight next to my round belly, and wondered what kind of world I was bringing our little girl into. We mechanically got the kids ready for school, somehow, with one eye trained on the television, our hands reaching to touch them and each other as we passed or paused. We cringed as we walked to school, as the fighters zoomed over our heads... the air force base was just outside of town, and the jets were out, patrolling, running drills, I don't know, but they zoomed over our heads and our eyes had to follow them over the trees, trained on the spot they left our view, still heard but unseen. The other moms and dads at the school looked at one another as if to ask, "Do we leave our children here?" Yes, the teachers and principal were out to greet, invite, reassure. "We will let you know if there is any reason to come get your children." So I leave them, and they are fine, wondering why we are so afraid of something that happened so far away.
Back home, the TV goes back on, and I fold laundry and eat and work at my business while staring at the footage of the buildings falling, people running, over and over and over. And the plane goes down in the cornfield. It's 2:00 in the afternoon and my three year-old finally jerks me out of the stupor.
"Mommy, can we please not watch that airplane show anymore? I don't like it."
My eyes jerk to his. He is sucking his thumb. I grab the remote and snap off the TV. I pull him on my lap. "I'm sorry, honey. Those are bad people who did that, huh?"
He nods.
"Should we make cookies?"
He nods again and we get up. My hands shake and I watch the clock and run to the window every time the jets pass over. And we hurry to get the kids from school, to get them home, to get them safe, to cookies.
And in the following days, weeks, I have to believe that somehow, somehow, this will make a stronger America for my kids, and our homes will be safe. Free. Assuring. I can not imagine an America without that. The flag waves.

What does it mean, then, so many years later, that I am not so sturdy in my imaginings? That I get emotional when I hear, or say, "One nation, under God, indivisible..."?

So, what is my Glass Half Full take? When I look at my kids, talk to them, I am amazed at their strength, their conviction, even when they are fighting demons... they are steady in their faith. Then, so am I.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yes, I Would Pay For This

Link: Husband Hero

I found this today on Normal Mormon Husband, one of my new favorite blogs. I wrote about my B two posts ago (See My Hero)and this very thing. I signed us up and I will let you know how it goes. I think it is genius. We'll see what my B thinks. Check it out and see what happens.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Small Things

Finally feeling better after some stomach thing I won't get into. I took Abby for a good walk after running (well, driving) down to the brand spanking new (what does that mean, anyway?) Walgreen's on Sheridan. Seriously, I was their 4th customer, ever. I bought a new leash for Abby, because somebody left hers out last night and she chewed it to bits, a Cody Broncs athletic bag for Braeden, who hinted this morning that he needed a gear bag for tennis, and a birthday card for my daddio. Then I had this (see photo) for breakfast. The cookie was a 6-grain peanut butter cookie and it was the last of the batch Chels made on Sunday. The peach was sumptuous. Abby had dog food. She does not like peaches. I think I will catch up on laundry and maybe even make some jam.
It is great to feel better after being sick!