Monday, September 28, 2009

Pleasant September Surprises

Okay, I vote September 2009 the most beautiful month in Cody, Wyoming this year. That is uncluding the 24 hours we had of smoke from a couple of fires towards the park, and the strong wind that blew it all away. Everything has been so green and warm and calm. The summer crowds (surprisingly large this year) are dwindling, but I have to think as I see the tourists walking the main street in new cowboy hats and carrying bags from the Buffalo Co., The Plush Pony, and The Reindeer Ranch, that they were wise in their choice to come see our town at it's finest. Good for you, happy tourists.
I went out to the garden this morning, which only yielded us a couple dozen zucchini (and so, lots of yummy zucchini bread), a hundred under-sized tomatillas, a few onions that survived Abby's trampling, and a plethora of sunflowers I did not plant, and I was surprised. I only planted two tomato plants this year, and one died for unknown reasons. The other, a better boy variety, regular, round, nothing fancy, became a dense, low bush, filling with small, hard oblong fruit that looked nothing like a better boy. More like mini green eggplants. What?
The temperature dropped last night, so I went out to see what was ready to be pulled out of the sagging, unproductive jungle in the back corner of the yard.
I think I might be able to do something with these! There are dozens, and I am so excited. Pathetic!

September also brings football. Jacob, #84
(his dad's number) is a natural at this crush, push, scatter, move, shove, sweat, dirt-stuck-in-the-helmet sport.  Loves it. He is fun to watch, going after that quarterback like he has to put him out. Can't wait for his next game and the re-cap all the way home.

Thanks, September. I'll remember you fondly during rainy, snowy, blowy October.

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