Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Small Things

Finally feeling better after some stomach thing I won't get into. I took Abby for a good walk after running (well, driving) down to the brand spanking new (what does that mean, anyway?) Walgreen's on Sheridan. Seriously, I was their 4th customer, ever. I bought a new leash for Abby, because somebody left hers out last night and she chewed it to bits, a Cody Broncs athletic bag for Braeden, who hinted this morning that he needed a gear bag for tennis, and a birthday card for my daddio. Then I had this (see photo) for breakfast. The cookie was a 6-grain peanut butter cookie and it was the last of the batch Chels made on Sunday. The peach was sumptuous. Abby had dog food. She does not like peaches. I think I will catch up on laundry and maybe even make some jam.
It is great to feel better after being sick!

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Gramma Spice said...

Yum! I want that recipe...PLEASE!
Miss ya!