Saturday, March 28, 2009

What The Kids Think

I interviewed the kids separately.  This was pretty fun and, I won't lie, kind of scary...

Me- What is something I always say to you?
Marenberry, 6- Get dressed
Jacoby, 10- I love you.
Smiley B, 13- It's different every time.  You're very good at diversifying your speech.  Go to bed. Get up.
Chelsaloo, 16- It's not all about you.

Me- What makes me happy?
MB- The family... that they love you.
Jacoby- A happy house.
Smiley B- Writing your stories.
Chelsaloo- Writing your little novels.

Me- What makes me sad?
MB- Chelsea leaving to college.
(not for a couple years yet, but yes, she picked up on that)
Jacoby- The children fighting.
Smiley B- When we disobey you.
Chelsaloo- When I don't read your novels.

Me- How do I make you laugh?
MB- By tickling me.
Jacoby- A lot of ways... sometimes the "don't smile" trick.
Smiley B- You quote Star Wars.  Boba Fett?  Boba Fett?
Chelsaloo- When you act like a little kid.

Me- What was I like as a child?
MB- Smart... brave.
Jacoby- I never really asked you about that... Kind?
Smiley B- You were probably kind to your siblings because everything we do is way off. (I'm laughing so hard I have tears)
Chelsaloo- What were you like as a child?  Spunkalicious.

Me- How old am I?
MB- I forgot... aah... 47? (ouch, that hurt)
Jacoby- 37. (better)
Smiley B- Dad's turning 40, so that means you're turning 39, so 38.  (Thanks for spelling it out like that.)
Chelsaloo- Is this 2008?  You're 38. (It's 2009.)

Me- How tall am I?
MB- Probably... 60 inches.
Jacoby- A little taller than Chelsea.
Smiley B- You are 5' 7".
Chelsaloo- 5' 6" and 3/4ths.  (spot on)

Me- What is my favorite thing to do?
MB- Write.
Jacoby- Write books.
Smiley B- Write and cook.  Try new things.  And spend time with your siblings.
Chelsaloo- Write your novels.  Didn't you ask that already?
Me- You realize I've only been writing the novels since November, right?
Chels- Are you serious right now?  It seems like it's been forever.

Me- What do I do when you're not around?
MB- I don't know 'cause I'm not around... um... read?
Jacoby- Clean house and write your books.
Smiley B- You clean house and write in your books.  Dance.  DO you dance?
Chelsaroo-  Write your novels.  (followed by much laughter)

Me- If I become famous, what will it be for?
MB- Being a great actor or dancer... I'll go with dancer.
Jacoby- For your book writing and winning the Nobel Peace Prize.
Smiley B- Writing.
Chelsaroo- Writing your novels. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Put that.

Me- What am I really good at?
MB- Loving your family.
Jacoby- Settling arguments.
Smiley B- Taking care of us, keeping us in line, writing... You're great at cooking.  You're an awesome cook.
Chelsaroo- You make miraculous meals.

Me- What am I not very good at?
MB- Being rude.
Jacoby- I'm trying to think... I just can't think of anything.
Smiley B- This is a good thing for you, right?  'Cause I can't think of anything.  You're not good at striking fear into our hearts... like Dad.
Chelsaroo- I don't know.  I can't think of anything.  You're not very good at discipline.
Me- (sadly) How am I not very good?
Chels- We just don't take you very seriously.
Me- You take Dad seriously.
Chels- I'm scared of dad.

Me- What do I do for a job?
MB- Stay at home.
Me- Do I do jobs at home?
MB- Like, do the laundry.
Jacoby- Babysitting Kash.
Smiley B- You cook, you clean, and you care.
Chelsaloo- Mom stuff.

Me- What is my favorite food?
MB- Soup.
Jacoby- Soup. (I do like soup, but I have no idea why they both answered that it was my favorite.)
Smiley B- I don't think you have a favorite.  You like food in general.
Chelsaloo- Chiles Rellenos.

Me- What makes you proud of me?
MB- You being my mother.
Jacoby- You love and care for me a lot, and sometimes get after Chelsea and Braeden if they're yelling at me.
Smiley B- The way you handle things... in life.
Chelsaloo- When you make scrumptious dinner.

Me- If I were a cartoon character, who would I be?
MB- (after much giggling) Spongebob.
Jacoby- That blonde bunny from Bugs Bunny... Lola.
Smiley B- Elastagirl.
Chelsaloo- Mrs. Incredible.

Me- What is something we do together?
MB- We usually go swimming together. (she has been begging me to take her swimming for the past two weeks)
Jacoby- Play board games.
Smiley B- Crack jokes.  Make each other laugh to the point of tears.  Drive everywhere.  Drive to school.
Chelsaloo- Shop... til we drop (in a sing-song voice).  Rock Band.

Me- How are you and I the same?
MB- Our eyes are the same color.
Jacoby- We both have a good humor.
Smiley B- We both have a sense of humor.  We both have beautiful blue eyes (said in high girly voice).
Chelsaloo- We're not the same in any aspect, but that's okay, because we complete each other (fingers draw a heart in the air).

Me- How are we different?
MB- Our hair color.
Jacoby- You're really good at finding stuff, and I'm not.
Smiley B- You're a girl.  A female.  I'm good at math.  I rock at math.
Chels- In every aspect.  But it's okay, because we complete each other (laughing and drawing a heart in the air... I think I've lost her).

Me- How do you know I love you?
MB- Because you're my mother. Every mother loves their child.
Jacoby- You hug me and kiss me a lot.
Smiley B- Because you're always there for me when I really need it.
Chels- Because I just do.

Me- What do I like most about your daddy?
MB- That he's tall.
Jacoby- He has a good humor, too.
Smiley B- He's funny.  He takes you out on dates.  He brings home the bacon.
Chels- He's muy inteligente.

Me- Where is my favorite place to go?
MB- Shopping.
Jacoby- Shelli and Trevor's and Grandma and Grandpa Anglesey's.
Smiley B- The lake or beach.  Up in the mountains.
Chels- To Washington to visit your family.  Mexico.  You've been there three times.  How many times have I been there?  Zero.


Melissa said...

That was really funny! I'd be scared to post what my kids might say!

Rachel said...

I could totally picture your kids answering these the way they did. Chelsea is hilarious.

jill said...

I love this stuff! I loved Shelli's too. You should email me your email so I can add you to my blog! I went

Malerie said...

I loved getting to know your kids more. What smart, funny and loving kids! I wish we all lived closer so we could get together like we used to!

Chelsea Lynne said...

pretty sure this is my favorite post ever. just sayin