Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It's Cold.

For the next little while I will be posting excerpts from the novels.  You can find them to the right in the side bar under Drops Of Ink.  Just because.
I hope to be able to post pictures again soon.  I can't locate the USB port for the camera, and this laptop doesn't do memory cards.  I have some of Chelsea's track meet I'd like to post.  Her 4x800 relay took third, and she won her heat in the 400.  She felt really good about that, and both times were personal bests.  It was a cold, frigid, windy day, and there is a picture of my friend, Rochelle, and I smiling as we manned the long jump event.  Jacob, Maren, and Brandon all came home with sun/wind burns.  Don't know how I didn't get it.  Sunblock in my makeup?  That and Brandon and Jacob were there for 10 hours, while Maren and I were there for five.  I laughed as Brandon took off his skull cap and had a nice solid red arch over his eyebrows.
I said, "Oh, look, a rainbow."
Such is life in Wyoming, where anything can get freeze dried if you just leave it outside for awhile.

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