Thursday, March 19, 2009

Life Is A Highway

 Our computer is done.  It was a long, slow, tortured thing, but now it is in a better place.  The Cody High School Tech office.  
It's funny how we rely on computer technology.  We read a quote the other day in history class that said there was no reason any person should have a computer in their home.  I can't remember his name, but the guy who said it was a main innovator of computer technology. 
And here I sit, perched on the edge of a chair in my bedroom, using my son's laptop, catching up with 37 emails (some of which I should have checked a long time ago), wishing I could send the pictures I took of my daughter being asked to prom (the guy who asked her sang "Come Fly With Me" while he played his guitar... their were balloons, and a cake, but I promised her I wouldn't blog it) to my mom, and wondering again if our digital pictures from 2004-on are going to be rescued.  And, I need some information for the new novel I'm writing.  What did people do before this?  
Oh yeah, they had encyclopedia sets.  Do you remember those?  They took up the bottom shelves of the bookcase.  Ours only went through 'G', so my reports were on aardvarks, cherries, and gorillas.
But an encyclopedia wouldn't tell me the filipino word for "yours" (sa inyo) or "blue eyes" (kulay-asul na mga mata), or give me pictures of the villages there on the islands.  Not that this is a major part of the story... but it's needed or I would have to insert gibberish.  And that just wouldn't do.  
So, its a little crazy, but what a smaller world it is.  What a wonder, in good hands, the information highway can be.  Go for a ride.  Or, pumunta sa sakay.
And be  careful out there.


Shelli said...

Good to see you post! I wondered if you fell of the earth without that computer! JK. It was fun talking to you yesterday, tell Chels we are excited for her!!! oh, and I remember the encyclopedias only going to G also. It frustrated me.

chelsea lynne said...

you goose! real clever to tell everybody exactly what i told you not to blog about. Just so you know...that still counts. (eye roll) haha

Gramma Spice said...

So fun to read this entry! You are such a gifted always were, sweetie.

Trev said...

Wow, nice to see you on here again! Cheslse, cheeeeelllll out, k? Give your mom a break. She wants us to know how well you are doing. Sheesh! Good grief! Stop over-reacting ya big poopoo head! ;)

See you all soon....