Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Little Ties

I think the best gift I've been given is family. What would I do without these people who love me no matter what? They are opinionated, stubborn, and sometimes grumpy, funny, gifted, generous, sweet, and enthusiastic. They are glue to life. My husband woke me up this morning holding my hand, looking at it as he went over it with his fingers. My sister encouraged my mother, who was feeling low about something yesterday. My brother-in-law played a game with me that he doesn't like. My daughter told me she loved me in the middle of Kohl's (I was buying her clothes, but it was wonderful to hear, and she almost didn't care when I threw my arms around her and squeezed as she muttered, "Sorry I said anything."). I caught my youngest's eye across the room and she broke out into a beautiful smile only for me. My boys and their cousin giggled as they tried to maneuver to stay up later while I blocked the door to the media room and the Xbox, and I could see their minds working between respect for their parents wishes, needing to kick some Halo hind-end, and seeing their mom/aunt in a kung fu pose in front of the closed door saying, "You must get some sleep, young grasshoppers, it is midnight." Of course, the sound is just a little off the movement of my lips when I remember it. My brother and I narrowed our eyes at each other as I closed in on his huge lead on the game board, and the competition spurred me on with a smile.
These may seem like small things, but we go through such hard, sometimes overwhelming things, these little ties that bind help me keep it together, give me something to fight through for, remind me that the struggle is worth it, and that I am up for it. These crazy people seem to see something in me. Why not trust them to be right? They know me better than anyone.


Shelli said...

Your post made me smile! WE LOVE YOU!!! Thanks for boxing with me, and shop shop shopping. I loved spending time with you, didn't we have fun!!!

Leon and Janie said...

It is the small things in life that I am truly thankful! I enjoyed your post. I love your family picture.

Gramma Spice said...

We miss you. Would like to have spent more time doing the "girl thing" with you. Next time, I'm penning in a mother and daughter day...just you and me. Okay? Love you, Kris! Thanks for reminding us of what's really important.