Thursday, January 15, 2009

Resolutions, Writing, and Roller Disco

I was going to post some pictures from the holidays, but I think our camera took a ride to work with Brandon. That's all right. I'm actually holidayed out. We had a fun break, then just made it through some illness, and yesterday I finally took the tree and decorations down. I still have the outside lights to do, but it's cold out there!
So, what do I write about, now? New Year's resolutions? I completed a couple from last year. I feel good about that. This year I've decided to focus on what comes out of my mouth (kind words, prayers) and the things I do (inviting a happy spirit, seeking out purpose, serving others).
I also will be re-working a book I wrote about some personal trials we've been through (you may have read some excerpts in Drops Of Ink, below right). I will be trying a novel based on a true story... which I am finding difficult, only in that it is hard to give something so personal over to a fictional character. What do I even name her? I am finding writing very interesting that way. Fictional characters come to life for the writer. I've said this before. It is very odd and a little unsettling, but I love it. So, I'll try.
We are going to a disco-themed party Friday night, so I am going to visit the Bargain Box today to see if I can find some out-a-sight threads. Brandon will be sporting a fro, and I will attempt to feather my hair. Starsky and Hutch, Love Boat, and CHiPs, Bee Gees, and John Travolta, we salute you. We'll see if the pictures are blog-worthy... Does anybody have a white suit with a wide collar? Ooh... roller skates. That would be fun. Wish us luck!

Wow, just listening to this song... I'm skating around my garage in my bright blue sneaker roller skates, wearing my Charlie's Angel t-shirt and dark blue jeans with a fat comb in my pocket. Can you understand the lyrics? I've got the Night Fever part down. Ah, well.
Shelli, Mike, Me, and our cousins Sean, Jessica, and Cassi...
so excited about an afternoon at Skate King. Notice the hair is perfectly feathered. And yes, that is our awesome VW van.


Jessica said...

um. . . wow. Love my overalls and the little bow around my neck. aah! That takes me back.
Have fun at your party! Can't wait to see pictures.

Shelli said...

What a fun party! Hope you have a great time, can't wait for pictures of the feathered hair. LOVE the skating pictures, I don't remember seeing those before. It is fun to see them after just watching the Bates slideshow of all those cute little cousins. Good luck with your book, I KNOW it will be good!

Malerie said...

Oh my gosh...that's all I can say :)

Anonymous said...

Talk about groovy . . . I guess I'll forgive you for posting that :). I have the greatest memories of getting together with you guys - especially Barry Manilow memories. It just goes right along with the groovy, I guess - good times!