Monday, December 01, 2008

It's that Time of Year When the World Falls In Love

It took me a minute to realize that it was time to put the Christmas tree up. One of the drawbacks to taking a tropical vacation just before the holidays (the only drawback) is that one gets a little out of sync with the traditional schedule. For me, that is putting up the tree the day after Thanksgiving. So, as I slid the huge turkey into the oven Thanksgiving morning, it occurred to me for the first time that, Hey, shouldn't there be Christmas music playing so my husband can come in and say it's too early for Christmas music? Oh yeah, and I guess I'll be putting the tree up tomorrow... huh.
Maybe not so weird for some of you, but very weird for me. I love traditions that remind me of being a kid and feeling that peace that can only be found in childhood, where your biggest worry is if you are going to get the Barbie Corvette you want so badly you've already had your Barbie doll pass her driving test. Usually, I am chomping at the bit, and the carols have been playing for a couple of weeks already.
As we began to decorate the tree yesterday, Maren helped me with some of the preliminary garland hanging. She lied down under the lowest branches and declared that on Christmas Eve she was gong to sleep under the Christmas tree. She would be sure to see Santa that way. As I started to remind her that there would be Christmas presents under the tree and she wouldn't fit, I stopped myself. Because every year, as I decorate the lower branches of the tree, I think of my sister, Shelli, and how we would pick a night the week before Christmas, and we would sleep under the tree, looking up through the branches and lights, the ornaments we knew so well. But I realized I hadn't shared that with my kids... I don't think so, anyway. So, I suggested to Maren that maybe she and Chelsea could do that on a different night, and that would be fun. She quickly reminded me that that would defeat the whole purpose of trying to catch Santa in the act. Oh well. Maybe I'll suggest it to Chelsea. She has a way of talking her sister into things.
I hope you all get a chance to relive a bit of your childhood, experience a memory of that peace. What a break from grown-up worries.


Jessica said...

I love that. I can just imagine you and Shelli when you were younger looking up through the branches and lights. You have such a sweet family.

Gramma Spice said...

Kris, I miss those days so much. In fact, I may insist that you and Shelli hold a slumber party under our tree this year! Loved seeing that teddy bear ornament we gave you have a real ballerina of your own. Cannot wait to hug all of you when you visit! Just hung all my framed mini photos on the tree and got a bit nostalgic, but hey, it's Christmas and it's a allowed.

Shelli said...

I loved those times. I keep finding Gracie BEHIND the tree, but we need to do the underneath thing too. Love the pictures!! Can't wait to see you all!!!!