Thursday, October 09, 2008

It must be Fall

We have had some gorgeous weather. The cold is coming, but let's look at some events that say, "Hello Fall" in a very warm way.
Hunting Season opened, and my B got himself an antelope. We now have a fridge full of jerky. This is a "When in Rome" thing, as my husband hasn't been hunting in decades, but look at that smile. Next, we have Homecoming, a semi-formal event in this part of the Rockies. The Broncs won our game, Chelsea and B were in the parade, and the gym was totally decked out in cowboy array for the big dance. Chelsea and her friend, Katie, looked gorgeous, and had a great time at a pre-dance party with a bunch of Chelsea's friends from church. She spent a good part of the dance trying to stay away from Mom and Dad, who were chaperoning. Finally, we have that pivotal event that truly makes my insides flutter with all that is Autumn. Are you ready for some football? Jacob is finally old enough, after 2 years of complaining, to play with the big boys (10-12 year olds). He is #84. They had him in the back on defense, but he kept blitzing the QB, which you can't do in this little league. So, they moved him up front, right up front, so he can sack that quarterback. That 'no fear' factor is fun to watch. Get'em, Jacob!


Shelli said...

Oh my gosh, Chelsaroo!!! Gorgeous girl! Your parents are brave to let you out of the house.
Love those pictures of Jacob. That has just GOT to be his sport. Go get 'em, Crash!
Love that smile on B's face, looks like he was pretty proud of the antelope. Happy Fall!!!

Gramma Spice said...

Chelsea, you are beautifulllllll!What a the dress and your hair in the pics. I could cry...we have a granddaughter THAT grown up??! Every Tuesday I watch Gracie for a couple hours and she loves the "Teddy Bear Picnic" toys that you adored as a little one...sniff, sniff. We're so proud of you, sweetheart. Antelope jerky? What does it taste like? Way to go, Brandon!

Gramma Spice said...

Hey Jacob...forgot to mention that we wish we could watch one of your games! We love you all so much.