Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Wasn't Born Yesterday

The other day my 6 year-old asked for a pickle. She loves pickles. She doesn't have them a lot (I think she forgets) but when she gets it in her head, there is no doing anything else until a pickle is in her hand.
So, she got out the jar and I pulled off a paper towel from the roll. I folded the towel up in quarters, and we placed a pickle on the edge, then wrapped the towel around it, because we don't want pickle hands. My 15 year-old walked by and saw what her sister was doing and said, "Aah, the pickle in the paper towel. I remember doing that. I don't know why, though."
Well, I did. I said, "You did it, because I taught you." She let out a small laugh and said, "Oh yeah, of course." Then I said, completely unsuspectingly, "And,
I did it when I was a little girl."
My oldest daughter stopped and her mouth dropped open. She said, (wait for it)...
"Mom, they had paper towels back then?"

Yup. I'm now a product of the turn of the century. Where did I leave my monogrammed hankie? Oh, there it is behind the phonograph. Charleston, anyone?


wyomingerica said...

That is so funny, you have to love Chelsey, too cute. Are you getting excited for your way cool vacation? Can you tell I'm jealous. Have a great time.

Jessica said...

That is so funny! Our kids sit around the dinner table talking amongst themselves about some "new" song, saying, or something else and are totally shocked when we know exactly what they are talking about.

Shelli said...

Ha ha, that is so funny. Love the post. We do the pickle in the paper towel too, did mom teach us?

Trev said...

They didn't have many paper towels, though, because all the trees in the world were still quite young, right?