Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Scavenger Hunt

So here are the rules: You take pictures of the following things...WITHOUT cleaning or changing anything.
1. favorite room (my bedroom- Brandon & Maren made the bed)
2. the toilet
3. the kitchen sink (before and during the pie-making)
4. the fridge (need to go shopping!)
5. what the kids are doing right now (M-talking to Sky on phone, boys playing xbox)
6. favorite shoes (oops, forgot that one)
7. laundry room
8. closet
9. dream vacation(forgot that, too)
10. self-portrait


wyomingerica said...

love your pictures, self-portrait is awesome.

Melissa said...

This is really cute! As soon as we are out of the hotel and into a house, I will have to do this!