Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jensen Reunion 2008, Willow Park, Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming

listen to: Streetcorner Symphony

Campfire's smoking, the mallows are toasting,

the stories are starting, and my face is burning.
The laughter is hearty, the children are snuggling,
the jokes are off-color,and my mind is turning

To how many years of this clan that they started,
Meeting round campfires just like this one,
And all of these faces lit up and glowing,
feeling the love and the joy and the fun!

- K. Jensen

Since 1999, the Bernie and Virginia Jensen Family has been meeting around a campfire for several days, once a year, in campgrounds, or sometimes just the side of a mountain, in beautiful parts of Oregon and Wyoming. We have a carnival, a talent show, a family olympics, a Family Home Evening lesson, crafts, fishing, and hikes. And food. Lots of food. Our family is growing, but we grow closer to those we love at these crazy, mosquito-filled, flash-flooding, testimony building, what-you-see-is-what-you-get events!

*Read The Parable of the Tents in Drops of Ink.

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The Anglesey Family said...

Kory loved these pictures! We just love your blog.