Monday, June 23, 2008

Making Memories

listen to: Where The Black Top Ends, Blue Shadows, then click on Lost Highway when "On To Yellowstone" picture comes up.

Enjoy! We sure did.


Shelli said...

Ahhh. Beautiful. We were JUST there, and I am sure wishing I still was!!! Wasn't that just so fun. Thanks for being a sport about the old west photos, and for putting up with our junk everywhere for the week. We just love you guys. I cried when we left too, and was a bit down yesterday, missing my sister. I will just say it...I wish we lived closer. But, here's to more fun visits in the future! Love, love love you all!!

Trev said...

nice work. as if we weren't missing you guys enough already!
We had such a GREAT time!

wyomingerica said...

You guys look like you had fun. Love Brandon in the old west photos, Great! There is rumors that we are coming on saturday for reunion shopping. I will have Doug call Brandon.