Tuesday, June 03, 2008

She's Got High Hopes

listen to: High Hopes
Do you know how much I love gardening? I wait like a puppy at the window for the signs that say "It is warm enough." Well, it finally came and I attacked with gusto. So much gusto, that I bought a beautiful tree at Northern Gardens (one of my favorite places) and carted it home in the back of the truck. When I got home, I jumped into the back, grabbed the trunk and the burlap root ball, then lifted and shoved. Then said, "OWwww". I called the kids and they helped me get the tree into the garden cart (oooch), and Braeden pulled it around back (Brandon was busy reading off names at Cody High School graduation ceremonies), while I gingerly held my lower back. Did I stop? NO. I grabbed my gloves, the shovels ("ooh."), and headed through the gate. I dug out the dead tree I was replacing (dumb dead tree). It had been raining hard for a few days so at least the ground was like butta. Still, I owwwed and ewwwwed my way through the pain as Chels helped me get the new tree into the ground. It was beautiful. And I was done. 4 days later I went to the doctor, because I kept thinking it would get better if I just lay low. I was wrong. I could barely walk into the office and I was shaking with the pain. That was Thursday. I have been going to physical therapy to get massages and things (aaahhh), and teaching my kids an important lesson: Mom can't do everything, and they are great at the things I usually do. And let's not forget the meds. So nice. So now I am like a puppy at the window again. The vegetables are almost all in the garden, and Brandon planted 2 more trees yesterday. I admit I helped steady the trees while he worked the soil back down around the root ball. I probably shouldn't have done that, but I love gardening. I waited all winter for these 2 weeks. Dumb dead tree. Dumb ol' back.
But, today, Chelsea planted 3 roses for me, and is enjoying driving me around to my appointments. The boys weeded out what used to be a dog kennel, picked out rocks, raked the area smooth, and laid down plastic, to get it ready for pea gravel and the kids' pool. And, Maren cleaned her room. Wow.
I have slowed down, but the TO DO list is getting smaller. Thanks so much, Guys. You don't know what it means to me. And I'll be smarter next time. I promise.

p.s. Part II of "An Angel On Poop Day" is now posted under DROPS OF INK.


wyomingerica said...

I can't believe I didn't look at the broke back tree when I was there last. I hope you start feeling better soon. Yea, that Chelsea is getting to drive. Have a great day.

Heather said...

Krista, love the poop story. Only you can write a poop story that makes me tear up!
I can relate to the back situation, I hurt my back a couple of years ago when I slipped in the mud before we got our yard in. I've never been so incapacitated in my life as I was then. Hope you are better soon.

Shelli said...

It's finally warm enough to garden, and look what happens! I'm so sorry! Just GET BETTER! Keep those kids helping, it sounds like they are doing a great job. I can't believe Chelsea can drive. I told Trev that and his mouth dropped. Love you!!!