Monday, June 23, 2008

How To Respect Your Elders

I have some pictures to upload into a slide for you all, but it is late and I am exhausted, physically and emotionally. We had such a great time with my sister & her family, and when they left I cried. And I cried more later. Then, we went to Brandon's folks' house for dinner and we played my early birthday present, Ticket To Ride. I love this game and have wanted it for about a year now. We were laughing because my father-in-law blocked Brandon(well, we were laughing at a lot of things) and I got after Brandon for pouting about it, and then my sweet father-in-law blocked ME and suddenly I was losing big time. He wasn't even following a route! He was just meandering to make his train longer! I took it quite well and threatened to take that big ol' head of his and roll it across the lawn like a bowling ball. Ah, well. It was still fun and we were grateful for the pick-me-up, because we sure are in a mope about losing our week-long company. More about that later, but for now: Hooray for family.

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Malerie said...

We LOVE Ticket to Ride. It's awful when somebody cuts you off. It's such a drag using a station. :) Sounds like a fun night. Games are the best.