Friday, March 21, 2014

Sara Liu

I'm sick with some sort of scratchy throat, head full of cement, burning eyes, exhaustion thing. I'm swinging between getting all of the "stuff" done and sleeping hard. Makes for a disorienting day. But some things just can't wait for me to be healthy again.

We've been working on the very last gatherings of what remains to make our adoption happen. We had a glitch with getting our police letters (record clearance). In Wyoming we just went to City Hall and they checked our records, printed out the clearance, signed and notarized them, and we went on our way. Here in Washington we couldn't get anybody at City Hall, the police station, or State Patrol to consider doing anything like this, or to believe that this was a real thing. Frustrating. But our home study agency (Agape) came to the rescue with an online resource and that is now underway, though it will take some time and more cost. But, the clearance will happen and that's the important part. I can whole-heartedly recommend that you don't move to another state during the course of an adoption. But we've done it and that's that!

Disappointing news: There was a delay (our case-worker was ill and then his family) with our home study (Agape). We just found out. I thought it had been submitted weeks ago. With the time it takes for USCIS approval, we won't make the April 5 filing date. Our adoption agency (GWCA) has assured us they will keep China updated that things are progressing. We are so close. Part of me wants to yell. But I know hiccups happen. I hope it just keeps pushing forward. We're this close.

We got the last of our passport photos taken and printed (I think we've had to do 8 of these, each, for various purposes since we began) yesterday. Yes, I'm sick, so I look tired. But I am tired, so hey, honest photos! :P I also had the last of our lifestyle photos printed up for our Dossier. We can send 6-10 photos of our family, our home, etc. to represent us to Sara before she meets us. I had the photos spread out next to the small group of photos we have of Sara. I kept putting her picture next to ours, to see the fit, and it made me smile. I'm so full of hope. Here are our lifestyle pics:

The most frequent question I'm asked is "When?" Well, I'm not sure. Maybe May. Maybe June? I promise we'll shout it from the rooftops when we know.

Speaking of shouting from the rooftops . . . Because it's been such a long journey, and because of the delay, and because I'm sick and need a pick-me-up, I've decided to share Sara's pictures with all of you. I look at these and wonder. I wonder everything. I wonder about her voice, her use of hands when she talks. I wonder how tall she is and if she smiles as easily for strangers. I wonder how long her hair is and if she'll let me do it. I wonder if she's stubborn and sassy or quiet and bashful. Or maybe all. I wonder if she'll like our food or insist on congee. I wonder what she'll think of Brandon being 6'4". I wonder if she'll like our dog or school or if I'll be enough to make her feel safe. Will she smile like this with us? Eventually? I hope so. I'm full of hope.

Sara Liu Xinqin Jensen. 
We're giving her Sara Liu
All the girls in our family have L middle names. We hope she likes it.

This was our first image of Sara. It's the one that made Brandon grin, and I knew we'd found our girl.

So you can see why I'm eager. 


Jenny Moore said...

Love to you and your family! Waiting is the pits, but it will be awesome when it all works out!!

Ditto Family said...

So fun to have a face now to associate with Sara. She sure is joining a loving family that has been waiting so patiently for her arrival.

Ramona said...

I am so excited for you!!! I know your heart is near bursting with joy and excitement and love!!! Thanks for sharing her with us!!!