Wednesday, March 05, 2014


I learned a few things last month. With my husband's busy schedule and so-so will power to take time off on his own, I learned that I just need to make the reservation, tell him not to have anything at this time, and remind him repeatedly as he tries to add things, that this time is already filled. So, as an addendum to my previous post, today I'm sharing pictures of a kidnapping. A man-napping. Not a man, napping, but a--oh here, just look at the pictures.

We left Yakima after school got out and the kids were situated.
We drove to Cashmere and headed straight for Country Boy's BBQ for dinner. Um . . . YUM.
After we stopped at a market and grabbed donuts for dessert we headed up to the cabin. It was dark by then.
My mom and dad were up at the cabin for a few days and had left earlier.
They drew a welcome note in the snow for us. Aww.

We did not build a fire but we were still cozy.
A peek outside in the morning.

Just before our morning hike. This is the side/back of my sister's cabin. It's a magical place.

This is me. Those aren't my boots. Before we left our house I accidentally grabbed my son's
size 11 snow pacs instead of my size 8 snow pacs.
They were clanking around my feet and my socks smooshed down around my arches. But my feet stayed warm!

Heading up the trail behind the cabin. This trail is about 10 miles and we hiked the whole thing.
Just kidding it's about 2. Maybe 1. But it's uphill. Both ways.

The morning sky just got prettier and prettier as we hiked.

It was warm enough we could take our gloves off.
I also removed my socks because who likes to hike with socks smooshed down around your arches?

Brandon at the top!

Looking down over the top at the cabin. It's in the center of the picture.

The magical little valley.

Made it back to the cabin. This is the front porch and me with my big boots. Great hike!

My mom kept sending us funny texts about things to go do and see. She's always been adventurous. But she brings her own mustard. I was giggling. Here is a sample:

Brandon wondered if we were going to get in trouble if we didn't go try the sausage.

We were pretty content to stay put, play games, read, snuggle, and cook yummy food. Next time we'll venture out and explore.

Then, sadly, it was time to go. And then the snow started falling. Then dumping.

This was our adventure. Our 1 1/2 hour trip home turned into 4 hours. We stopped in Ellensburg at the IHOP for french toast and cocoa. When we decided to keep on, our server brought us cocoa to go. And we made it!

This trip was definitely worth it! Brandon smiled so much and it was just good to do nothing. A grown-up time out. I'll need to man-nap him again soon.

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