Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Break in Seattle: The Waterfront

We hadn't talked about what we were doing for Spring Break. We've been so busy it just sneaked up on us. But Brandon suggested we go to Seattle for a couple of days, since we live so close now. I thought it was a great idea!
Heading out of Central Washington toward the Cascade Mountains felt like I was returning home a bit. We lived on the "west side" when I was a kid and it had been years since I'd been back. I was so excited. I was excited to show Maren and Jacob.

Snoqualmie Pass was our place to go for snow fun when I was little. We just didn't get much snowfall in Kent. We'd bundle up with our sleds, or if we were traveling through we'd get out and stomp in the frozen white stuff.

Mt. Rainier is special to me. We could always see it from our living room windows in both houses we lived in in Kent, and it's one of the things I missed most when we moved to the "east side" when I was ten.

The more west we traveled the more I pointed out all the green. "Look at all the trees, kids! Look, blackberry bushes! Look, blossoms!" They grew tired of this. I did it a lot.

At one point, Jacob observed, "It looks a little overgrown." Yes, this is what happens when plants have plenty of water and a long growing season.

Wyoming boy.

The city! Maren was ever on the lookout for the Space Needle.

We headed right for the waterfront. We were hungry for lunch and Brandon set his course straight for Ivar's and that heavenly clam chowder. Fish and chips, here we come!

Maren hadn't seen the waterfront before. Watching her peer over the side to the green water and support posts below the docks reminded me of doing the same thing when I was little.

Our #1 destination! It smelled SO GOOD. Waiting in line was hard.

Brandon and Jacob got Cajun baskets and Maren got classic fish and chips. I got the clam strips basket, which is what my dad always got. It made me feel like a grown up. And of course, we all got clam chowder. It was YUMMY. Perfect.

It's tradition to throw french fries to the seagulls. They swoop down and catch them in the air. Our seagulls were a little lazy and swooped them out of the water. There was a sign that welcomed people to feed the seagulls, but not the pigeons. We saw the pigeons. They were humongous.

This was #2 on our to-do list, mostly because it's just down from Ivar's, but also because it's CHOCK FULL OF CURIOSITIES. Most have been there since I was 4. Pretty sure.

The kids loved it, but Maren was spooked by the mummified people. I knew she would be. Because I still was. Jacob actually remembered this place. He was three years old on our last visit. He was adorbs.

Checking out souvenirs.

Brandon spied this and said, "Let's do that!" So we did. He was very adventurous during this trip, and I loved every minute of it.

We experienced spectacular views from our ferris wheel car.

She was a little nervous about the height. She rallied.

The Olympic Mountains across Puget Sound.


It just appeared.

And that's the Seattle Aquarium in that cool blue barn building. We went there next.

I spy with my little eye, the Pike Place Market sign! It made me feel all nostalgic.

This is my nostalgic face.

Maren had a valid reason to be a little nervous. We were up high. That's a restaurant. Those white dots are dining tables.

Next time we thought we'd take a ferry trip. Just because.
It was a gorgeous day! By the time our ferris wheel ride was over, we'd removed our jackets. It's so great to hit Seattle when the sun is shining.

Next up: The Seattle Aquarium and Pike Place Market!

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