Monday, July 01, 2013

In The Meantime

The last two weeks have been slow on the adoption work. We have a packet due at the end of this month but a large portion of that needs us to already be in Washington. We are feeling the pressure to get this house sold. I wish I could just start packing things up, have the yard sale, and change our address so we can put our new information on the adoption docs. We are also waiting for our physical exam appointments, the police reports saying neither Brandon or I have a criminal record or anything, and since I am self-employed I need to have a CPA write a letter saying I'm an author and I make a little money doing it. The birth certificates, marriage license, Brandon's employment letter, and passport copies have been taken care of, and I've composed our application letter to the Chinese government asking for permission and approval to adopt from their country.

Everything else, including the I800 A form, needs us to be moved. So we are praying hard.

We have found a house! We love it. We have made a contingency offer and it's been accepted. We are so close.

While we are waiting I've done a few projects outside in the warm summer sunshine. And in some wind. And briefly in a sudden thunder storm.


This was a big project but I gained some courage from Pinterest and my mom and sister. They are super-encouragers. If you ever need encouraging, find them. My mom will feed you baked goods. She's a dangerous woman.

This is what our old set looked like:

I liked the black when we first got it, but it had faded and begun to rust.

I scrubbed the rusty places away with a wire brush. You don't want that under your  new paint!

Nobody wanted to sit on it because it looked dirty.

So I found some pics on Pinterest and pretty much thought I could handle the job. I was right. 
Rustoleum Ultra Cover Primer, white. 1 coat top and bottom.

I primed in the garage. Priming day was WINDY.

I laid down large drop cloths and covered the bikes. Any overspray swept up nicely.

I was glad one of the sites I studied recommended spraying bottoms first. Definitely the better result.

Maui Blue by Rustoleum. Gloss Enamel. 2 coats.

To cover the mesh I made sure to spray moderately from every direction, moving around the table. 2 coats.

Ivy Green by Krylon. Gloss Enamel.

And I'm so happy with the cheerful results! I'm very impressed with the adherence of the paint and covereage. 
I look out my back windows all the time.
Maren and I planted the flower bowls in a surprise thunder storm. We hurried.

This patio set has two matching benches over by the firepit, and I'll be brightening those up as well. 
I'll be doing this sun-faded wooden planter box in my favorite red next:

 And this old weathered bench desperately needs some white paint: 

And with just a little patience and elbow-grease, I'll have some great updated outdoor furniture for the new house. If I can't get to them before the move, I'm fine with that. It just means we've sold this house and get to pack it all up.

Which means we can get on with the adoption.

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Deborah Montgomery said...

So Cute...Love all of the outdoor updating :) Maybe one day I'll get the drive to follow you ....but, probably not HAHA!