Thursday, June 20, 2013

Maren and Her Little Sister

Sara is only six months younger than our youngest, Maren. Tweens. Yesterday Maren and I picked out colors/theme for the girls' new room when we move.

Last Christmas, before any of this began, Maren received a little nail kit in her stocking. She loves the design and colors and thought it would make a great inspiration for the bedroom, She thought it would help Sara feel at home. I thought this was really sweet.

Yesterday the Chinese language book and CD arrived. We've listened to a few pages, repeating them out loud, laughing at ourselves, trying again. Maren has taken to carrying around the book with her, practicing to herself. She greets us as she walks into a room. "Ni hao." She quizzes us. "Ni hao ma?" I search my brain and answer. "Hao." "Shi," she says, and skips off. "Zai jian!"

I think she is awesome.

Zhe shi ni de jie jie.

This is your sister.

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