Monday, July 08, 2013

Another Step

Good news! We have our Pre-Approval letter from China! This means they've initially approved our request to adopt Shen Xin Qin! Sara!

Now we continue to collect our Dossier material. We've begun to take the Hague Parent Education courses required by Hague countries. We are taking 8 classes together and they are great. Basic, informative, and they make us eager to get Sara. We high-five when we pass each test.

To ease transition, for Sara and our family, it is recommended that we get to know as much as possible about the adoption country, China, and even her province. Brandon found this great website: Chinese Culture...for Kids! We decided to go through each of the cultural areas as a family on different nights, and end with Food. For that lesson we'll cook and serve a traditional Chinese dinner. I was impressed with this site and how informative and entertaining it is. When you're writing for kids you can't be boring, so it's a great site for anyone. I was most excited to see a regional map and the typical foods served in that region and all the cooking. We will definitely be trying these dishes and I hope Sara and Maren will enjoy helping. Especially for festival celebrations like Chinese New Year and the Moon Festival.

Last night we learned how to write and count to 10 in Chinese. These are our attempts:
L-R: Braeden, Maren, Me, Jacob, and Brandon

To celebrate our pre-approval, I finished this project:

Love. It.

Wo shi ni de ma ma.

I'm your Mama.

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