Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Goal: Learn Some Chinese

For Father's Day I got Brandon a book and CD geared toward teaching adoptive families basic Chinese, phrases we would be using specifically for Sara (coming home, words of assurance and affection, etc.) and everyday phrases (bedtime, colors, at the table, playtime, etc.). We are looking forward to playing it often and maybe getting some Chinese down enough that we can say what we need to say. We've looked at a few phrases and the pronunciation, and I'll be honest, it's daunting. However, the CD will help, and we're determined to try.

This week we are working on a pile of documents to be filled out and notarized. This week's Dossier assignment is getting our physical exams, and I already have our appointments made. Filling out the 1800-A form is the biggie.

Also, if you read the run-down of all the other things going on in our life right now here, you know our oldest son, Braeden, is getting ready for a mission for our church. This morning he had his dental exam and the sweet boy only developed one wisdom tooth! It's not pushing out so we don't need to worry about that. No cavities, either. So, one less thing towards getting his papers sent in.

We have found a house in Yakima! We love it. So now we just need to sell this house. We feel particularly eager to get going because we don't start the home study portion of the adoption until we get to Washington. The sooner we get there, the sooner we can begin that, get the Dossier turned in, and get to Sara. We've had several lookers. We are praying hard. Once you lock on a child for adoption, you have a time limit to get everything in. So selling the house is a big obstacle, bigger than if we were just moving and anxious about getting there before Brandon begins his new job August 1st. But we've had really good feedback, and my feeling is it will sell soon. I have to believe that.

Chinese for the day: Mei you guan xi.

It's okay.


Josi said...

Awesome! Ni hao. That's all I know.

Karen Adair said...

All our wishes and prayers for your success!!! So excited to hear about all the joys and excitement of bringing a new one into your home. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing your journey. Happy House Selling!!!!