Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I play competitive volleyball at the rec center. My teammates are Bobbi, Kim, Sue, Lisa, Stacy, and Michelle. We laugh way too much, but we win. Most of the time.
Bobbi has a killer serve. Kim is team clown and kills herself for the ball. Sue guides us along and reinforces our bump set spike delivery. Lisa is our slammer and net intimidation. Stacy is consistent and level-headed and skilled. Michelle is our hot-headed competitor, don't mess. And there's me. I love the net. I have to get over my power issues (I hit hard and consistently in practice, but I pull up in games, and stick to my reliable underhand serve), but I love to play with my team.
We talk to each other, we poke fun at each other, we goof off for each other, and we focus for each other. We cheer each other on. (Hmm, maybe I should make my kids play volleyball together.)

A few weeks ago I watched a little college volleyball and my B walked in.
"Hey, hon, look, we're on TV."
"You are?" He stops and looks at the screen.
"See, there's me going up for the block, and, oh, Kim dives for the tip and gets it up, here comes Lisa... Slam. See? It's us."
He laughs and shakes his head and starts to turn away.
"No, wait! Bobbi is serving, watch." The girl tosses the ball up high ten feet from the line, runs and jumps five feet in the air, slamming it over and down to the other team. "See? She's good, huh?"
"Yup." He laughs and moves along.
"You should come watch us play. We look a lot different in real life."

Well, we do. We won both games last night, and tournament starts next week.
Go Moss Ortho!


Shelli said...

Oh yeah! I love team sports! Way to go Kris, so glad you are enjoying volleyball. You always were a good netplayer...I remember!

bobbi said...

Love you, sister!! Good times, good times-- that's what it's all about-- oh, and the W!!!!!