Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Me Plus Turkey Day

I love Thanksgiving.
I love that it brings families together.
I love that we work for it.
I love the colors, the smells, the sounds.
What sounds?
Oven doors closing, talking in every room, football, greetings.

I love the food.

I love sunny November in Cody.
I love foggy November in Kennewick.
I love snowy November in Star Valley.
I love colorful November in Klamath Falls.
I love icy November in Spokane.
I love rainy November in Walla Walla.

I love that it issues in my other favorite holiday.
I don't care what B says, the tree is going up early this year.

I love Thanksgiving.


Shelli said...

I love Thanksgiving too! And I am SO thankful we get to have you this year!!! Love your new background also, it's perfect.

Suzanne said...