Friday, November 20, 2009

Most People Prefer Ketchup

L: Todd, Matt, & Bobbi   R: Jamie, Me, & B  not pictured: Doug

Another fun night at Trapper Creek Lodge. What was so funny? B's woman scream at the deer on the side of the road, the piece of lettuce completely covering my tooth, Bobbi repeatedly defending Matt's non-existent drinking problem, the lint "mole" on B's neck (can't...look...away), Matt's ummm, sleeping bag, Todd's 3-egg creme brulee, Jamie defending Todd's non-existent tennis problem, Doug's cotton joke I got 3 minutes later, just after Jamie got it, and Erica, our SO great waitress and my sister-in-law who fought the urge to get after me about helping her clean up.
Thanks, guys! We will do it again!

Quote of the morning:
Jacob said, while chewing his huge bite of breakfast, "Mom, we need to get more honey so I have something to put on my egg sandwich besides cinnamon-sugar."

Maren was at a loss for words, her spoonful of cereal paused halfway to her mouth.

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