Thursday, October 08, 2009

Quarterback Sneak

The other day, my friend, Rochelle, and I were in Reindeer Ranch, a fun shop on the strip. I love their quirky Halloween decorations and hadn't been in to see them yet this season. We perused the Halloween stuff and moved on, and I saw a plate. I cracked up and said, "That is the story of my life." We laughed, browsed a little more, then went our separate ways.
About fifteen minutes ago, I was kissing my husband hello as he got home from work. One of the kids came in, giggled, and said, "Mom, there's a surprise for you on your car."
What? I looked at Brandon who wiggled his eyebrows at me, and I thought, "Hm, Husband Hero at work?"
I opened the garage door, and sure enough, there sat a gift box (not a Walmart bag) gift wrapped with paper and a lovely bow.  And... a card? With swirly hand-writing.
Wait a minute, did he have the store write the card for him, too?
I took the card and the gift and opened the envelope as I walked back into the house.
This gift wasn't from my husband! I grinned.
It was from my friend, Rochelle! She gives good things!
Husband Hero forgotten, I tore open the wrapping and opened the box as my B and the kids gathered around.

I laughed even harder this time.


Shelli said...

What a sweet friend! LOVE the plate, that is SO good!!! What a fun surprise!

bobbi said...

Glad you guys had a good time-- wish I could have joined you, maybe next time! Love the plate-- my mother-in-law had a plaque in her office at home that said the same thing. Love it.