Friday, October 09, 2009

Go Broncs!

Really quick, before she sees...
Yesterday, Chelsea came in the door from school, smiling, (which is good, you never know with an almost 17 year-old) wearing this:

She said, "Look!"
I looked, then my eyes got big and I asked, "Is that Matt's jersey?"
And she grinned and nodded.
"Very cool," I said, suppressing the urge to jump up and do the little excited giggly mom dance she has asked me not to do. Ever.
"Yeah, it's a tradition. A tradition I never really thought I would be a part of."
"And now you are."
Her smile got big. And we both giggled.

Then I ruined it. "Wait, what is he wearing for the game?"
She rolled her eyes. "Um, his home jersey, mom." She turned and left the room.

Oh, yeahhh.
You'd think I would know that.


Shelli said...

Ah ha! I would have asked the same thing! Cute Chelsea!

chelsea lynne said...

mom.....! sigh.