Friday, February 29, 2008

A Spring Luncheon, Cody Style

listen to: Sunshine On My Shoulders

Here was the invitation:

Just a reminder: Don’t forget about the potluck luncheon.
Tomorrow (Tuesday the 26th) at Rochelle Slight’s.
We are the last house at the end of the road, drive through the brick pillars. You can park at the house or the barn.
If you see Bethany walking with her kids, your getting close, don’t run her over, just follow her.
We will eat lunch at the house.

The dress called for grubbies and muck boots. Everyone brought something yummy, and there was plenty of it. We ate and visited, put on our footwear, then stepped outside to the beautiful sunshine, to see the new lambs and their mamas. The kids were so funny to watch as they followed these protective ewes and skipping little babies around the gates and corrals, not a care about the fact that these ewes were bigger than they were, reaching out to touch, attempting to hold, playing tag. It was a really great day. Thanks, Rochelle!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Through the Eyes of the Five Year old

listen to: Banana Phone

Maren asked if she could take some pictures the other day. So, I gave her the camera, showed her how to use it, and let her go. This slideshow is the result. I love the angle, looking up. You wouldn't know how small she is by her personality, though. Some of us are blessed with big spirits, just bursting in a little body. It takes a child to remind you how that felt. Enjoy the reminder!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Croeso... Welcome

listen to: Sweet Afton

My maiden name is Anglesey... pronounced angle-see.
It is also the name of an island off the coast of Wales.
Click & Learn about The Island Of Anglesey

I have been reading a bit about my heritage (one of the many branches, as I am Welsh, but also English, German, French, and Austrian) and I have a bug to visit Wales, as well as my husband's Switzerland and Denmark.
Helo. Shwmae? Krista Anglesey dwi.
Have you ever heard the welsh language? I am fascinated. It is nothing like the latin-based languages I connect with, and it sounds wonderfully magical. Click here for some samples.
Cerddoriaeth... Music
Listen to some song samples of traditional Welsh songs performed by Sian James. Listen to Dod dy Law and Y Ferch o Bedlam, then try Can Crwtyn y Gwartheg.
Breuddwydio...To Dream

I think it is good to have a dream of visiting a far off place with meaning. What is your dream?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Home Lights

Downtown Cody Lights 1/22/07
listen to: Home

I was driving the kids home from my brother-in-law's house tonight, a long fairly straight road that climbs 2000 ft. so gradually you hardly notice. During the day we see golden eagles, hawks, wild horses, and antelope. At night I keep a watch for deer, rabbits, and owls, although the rabbits don't really have a chance if they choose to run out there in the road. I really think they are just hopping along, wondering, "I know there was a road here somewhere. Where did it go?" Then, my headlights shine, and they exclaim, "Oh! There it is!" and scamper across. Sad little bunnies.
But, back to my story. We had spent a fun afternoon there, and although it was only 7:30, the kids were spent, and asleep. I had on some nice Kenneth Cope music, loud enough to keep me awake, but soft enough not to wake the kids. So, my eyes are watching out for deer, my brain is trying to remember to turn off my brights when the occasional oncoming car comes along, and I am thinking about this coming week, making to-do lists. Then, we crested a hill, after an hour on the road, and laid out before me was a lovely sight. So, I wrote this poem in that notebook in my head.

When the highway lies before me,
Whether far or near I roam,
My heart lets out a sigh
When I see the lights of home.

Though grand may be my travels,
Or just rambling along,
My heart beats gently faster
When I see the lights of home.

Whether for one day,
Or weeks that I've been gone,
I cannot help but smile
When I see the lights of home.

And when, on life's adventure
The veil's been withdrawn,
Oh! What a sight to see
The shining lights of home.

Gosh, I hope the bunnies feel that way.