Sunday, February 03, 2008

Home Lights

Downtown Cody Lights 1/22/07
listen to: Home

I was driving the kids home from my brother-in-law's house tonight, a long fairly straight road that climbs 2000 ft. so gradually you hardly notice. During the day we see golden eagles, hawks, wild horses, and antelope. At night I keep a watch for deer, rabbits, and owls, although the rabbits don't really have a chance if they choose to run out there in the road. I really think they are just hopping along, wondering, "I know there was a road here somewhere. Where did it go?" Then, my headlights shine, and they exclaim, "Oh! There it is!" and scamper across. Sad little bunnies.
But, back to my story. We had spent a fun afternoon there, and although it was only 7:30, the kids were spent, and asleep. I had on some nice Kenneth Cope music, loud enough to keep me awake, but soft enough not to wake the kids. So, my eyes are watching out for deer, my brain is trying to remember to turn off my brights when the occasional oncoming car comes along, and I am thinking about this coming week, making to-do lists. Then, we crested a hill, after an hour on the road, and laid out before me was a lovely sight. So, I wrote this poem in that notebook in my head.

When the highway lies before me,
Whether far or near I roam,
My heart lets out a sigh
When I see the lights of home.

Though grand may be my travels,
Or just rambling along,
My heart beats gently faster
When I see the lights of home.

Whether for one day,
Or weeks that I've been gone,
I cannot help but smile
When I see the lights of home.

And when, on life's adventure
The veil's been withdrawn,
Oh! What a sight to see
The shining lights of home.

Gosh, I hope the bunnies feel that way.


Melissa said...

This poem is beautiful. I have experienced the feeling of the poem several times, but I don't have the talent to put them into words....especially ones that rhyme and are beautiful and flowing. Thanks for sharing your talents and testimony with us.


Shelli said...

You are such a poet. I see you have been using that talent a lot lately. I'm proud of you!!
Love that feeling of home. You put it into words perfectly. Can't wait to visit your home!

wyomingerica said...

Glad to hear you made it home. Wonderful poem, you are so talented. Thanks for sharing, and for your friendship.

Becca said...

I love the poem. There really is nothing like seeing the lights of home.

Gramma Spice said...

Lovely, hon! I feel the same way when we come around that bend and see the lights of town. Just wish your town was a little closer!!!

Matt, Nicki, Maizy and Hazel said...

Loved the poem and the small town. I've always wanted to live in a place like that. Instead I find myself in a city of 23 Who would of thunk it.

Trev said...


that poem is great. I wonder if you could expound on it a little bit, and would make a GREAT song! Faith Hill could do it nicely!