Friday, February 29, 2008

A Spring Luncheon, Cody Style

listen to: Sunshine On My Shoulders

Here was the invitation:

Just a reminder: Don’t forget about the potluck luncheon.
Tomorrow (Tuesday the 26th) at Rochelle Slight’s.
We are the last house at the end of the road, drive through the brick pillars. You can park at the house or the barn.
If you see Bethany walking with her kids, your getting close, don’t run her over, just follow her.
We will eat lunch at the house.

The dress called for grubbies and muck boots. Everyone brought something yummy, and there was plenty of it. We ate and visited, put on our footwear, then stepped outside to the beautiful sunshine, to see the new lambs and their mamas. The kids were so funny to watch as they followed these protective ewes and skipping little babies around the gates and corrals, not a care about the fact that these ewes were bigger than they were, reaching out to touch, attempting to hold, playing tag. It was a really great day. Thanks, Rochelle!

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