Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

My weekend (week) was full of wonderful things, that just happened to fall on Mother's Day. My schedule was laid out for me by someone else, but it marked the occasion very well. Braeden had his piano recital and was judged an "Excellent", and qualified for the regional performance in July. Chelsea was inducted into the National Honor Society. Jacob started baseball and his coaches call him the ace first-baseman... and shortstop. I got to talk to my Mom for a couple of hours as she opened our gift to her over the phone. We had dress rehearsal for Maren's ballet company's production of Sleeping Beauty earlier, so I was able to get some "backstage" photos (pictures are not allowed during the actual performance, but we get a nice DVD). Saturday was the Spring recital, and she had her jazz and tap performances, brava. Chelsea made it home just in time from track regionals, where her 4x800m relay team qualified for state, hooray! I wish I could have been there, but there are not enough of me! Mom Jensen and Grandma Strasser came to watch and it was so good to have them there. Sunday was a beautiful day, started with breakfast, courtesy of Brandon, with good talks at church on Motherhood, and a luncheon afterward. Then, we attended Sleeping Beauty, and as I watched and held my kids' hands, I felt so blessed. It had been a very full week, getting everyone where they needed to be, trying to keep up with the notes on the calendar, being flexible with the things that didn't make it on the calendar. But, to see the fruits of our labors, the proud grins and sparkling eyes of our kids, it was a very, very meaningful Mother's Day.
Love you, Mom. Thank you for making my life an adventure!
Love you, Virginia. Thank you for making my life meaningful!


Shelli said...

I love the sparkling jazz outfit, and the picture of you and Maren looking at each other, that is just cute.
I'm so glad you had a great Mother's Day. Let's just say, I think my kids need to be taught a little better about the importance of this day and how to behave on it. Hmmmm. Love all those pictures!

jill said...

Kristi! I love that you called me jill-pill! I don't think I've heard that from anyone but my dad in a really long time. It was very funny and very familiar! i come to your site often, but now that I've been found out, I am going to bug you with all my comments! So did you know that my sister in law is from Cody? They are the Fenton's. Bruce is her dad. Do you know them?

Gramma Spice said...

Whew! What a hectic and amazing week you had! It thrills me to no end to read your posts and know that your life is so full..crazy at times, but full and rich. Remember to take time to breath in deeply and exhale! You are such a precious person, friend, and daughter. Little Maren, you are the prettiest and most enchanting ballerina I have seen. Wish Grampa and I could have been there to watch you dance. Know you made all your family so proud. XXXOOO