Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bright Spots

I have just read through the last few blogs and I think they have a sober feel to them. That isn't bad, but I need to lighten up the place a bit, don't you think?
We just had our Women's Competitive Volleyball Tournament, and we came in 2nd place, for the third season in a row. Before, we have always said, "Well, that leaves room for improvement, and we won't get worse, so..." Now, we all just looked at each other and vowed that it wouldn't happen next season! We played 3 games in a row. I'm a bit sore... and fired up for Fall season. Season Highlights: Julianna returning a hard serve into Andrea's head, then hitting the ricochet over for the point. Andrea, ready for the set, airballs it and sets with her forehead instead... later same game, I repeat the move. 16 straight points on my serve...feels good. Ball sits on top of net, with opposing player and Crystal both trying to shove that ball over. Laughter is good.
While I was digging, bumping, and hitting, Brandon took the kids to the Sports Awards Banquet at the high school, where Olympic Gold Medalist Rulon Gardner gave a presentation about faith, hard work and never giving up. They loved it. Rulon is from Star Valley, WY, where Brandon's parents lived for 11 years. Maren is holding his Gold Medal in the picture. How many of you have gotten to hold an Olympic Gold Medal?
Every year at Cody High, the students and staff organize a Make-A-Wish fundraiser. This year it is to benefit a little girl in our community who is fighting cancer. She wants to go to Scotland to meet Nessy. Part of the event was "Wear Plaid Day" at the high school. Everyone wore plaid, and the administration wore something extra special. The students could sponsor or bid an amount of money for Principal Treik, Vice Principal Jensen, and Athletic Director Hult to look like this for the day. I think it works, don't you? The school raised a state record-breaking $25,000, without corporate sponsors. Not only does Skylah get to go to Scotland, but the fundraiser was also dedicated to Gayle Smith, Brandon's secretary, who unexpectedly passed away last month, and who put her heart and soul into the Make-A-Wish event every year. Gayle is so proud, I am sure. And, tickled to see her boss in a skirt.
More good news: The forecast is for 80 degrees this weekend! That means GARDENING! We are picking up a load of steer manure Saturday morning. I am so excited! Nothing says Spring like a truckload of poop. I will be blogging the progress of my new raised beds and working on my farmer's tan.
Have a happy today!


wyomingerica said...

what a great post, you have the cutest kids great picture. Love Brandon in a skirt (pretty manly) Hope to see you this next weekend? I hear the wagon wheel is up and running again, hint, hint.

jill said...

that is the most beautiful picture of your kids with Rulon! They all look gorgeous and perfect!

Shelli said...

Love your post. Great job in volleyball, makes me want to play! Wish I could watch you, you were always a great player. Bump, set, spike! Cool picture with Rulon, Chelsea reminds me a bit of mom in that picture.
Where did the men get those kilts? Way to go Brandon, he's got the legs for it! That is so amazing that they raised that amount of money. Those kids should be so proud.
Have fun gardening! I planted my first real veggie garden yesterday, and I am so excited! Bring on the poop!