Friday, April 18, 2008

Away From You

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I have been feeling a little homesick for my family... my parents and my brothers and sister and their spouses and children. I have a nephew I have only seen in pictures and another I haven't seen since he was a few weeks old. We have always seemed to be the ones who live "away", but it has been almost a year since I have been home, so I guess I am feeling it. I recall a time when all I had was an expensive phone call or a written letter with a couple of snapshots, if I was lucky, to maintain contact with my loved ones who I missed. What an amazing thing it is to get on this computer, type out my news and post as many photos as I wish.
I told Chelsea that when she goes away to college I was going to call her every day and email at least that much.
Warily, she asked. "Why?"
I explained, "Because I only got to talk to my parents once a week, if that much, at college, and I had to wait and wait and wait for letters (and checks) to come in the mail. It was not cool."
She looked convinced and sympathetic, and, though still wary, replied, "Okay. You can do that." It is a wonder, this technology.
But, obviously, it does not make-up for being home, being held, looking into eyes looking back at you, smelling familiar scents, lending a hand, feeling that your small place, in a larger organism that is a family, is needed, enjoyed, wanted, appreciated for however long you can stay. Maybe that is a small blessing of being the ones who live "away". That is my positive spin, my glass half full.

I miss you, Mom, Dad, Shelli, Mike, Craig, Trevor, Jenn, and Carrie, Rachel, Tanner, Skylar, Gracie, Alexis, Avery, Mikey, Riley, Craiger, and Matthew.


Shelli said...

You made me teary! We miss you too! I was watching my teammate play tennis yesterday, when a look-alike girl walked in and sat down to watch too. I knew it must be her sister, so I went over and talked to her. They live next door to each other!!!! I was so jealous and kept thinking how cool that would be.
The pictures and words posted are wonderful, thanks for sharing them with us. I know I feel the same way, and miss you so much! Not much longer till we see you in person, we'll be counting down the days!

Trev said...


What a sweet post! We truly miss you guys so much! It's been so nice having family so close, but you and your family hold a special place in my heart, so it's extra hard not having you guys around here! I'm working on a teleporter to make visits easier!

Matt, Nicki, Maizy and Hazel said...

I just wanted to say that I totally know how you feel. Because it's too expensive to fly right now we've made the decision not to go home for Thanksgiving, so we will be away from family for 2 years without going home. Our new baby will be one by the time she meets her grandparents and oldest sister Maizy. I'm so grateful for modern technology that allows us to keep in touch and make home seem so much closer. Now if my family would just start blogging. lol.

Gramma Spice said...

Kris, take your right arm and wrap it around the left side of your neck as far as you take your left arm and wrap it around the right side of your squeeze as hard as you can to the point of hurting...there, that's me giving you a hug...I need one more than you do!!!! Miss you, sweetie! We all do. As the one who was the one "away" from MY family, I sure can relate. Dad and I are so lucky that we have such wonderful kids and such choice memories with them. I know you and Brandon are doing the same with yours.

Craig D. Anglesey said...

We love and miss you too Kris! I sure love being able to see your pictures and blogs to at least keep me updated a little. Hope we can see you guys some day soon. LOVE YOU!!!