Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Back To School?

"What is it for? The improvement of the mind; to instruct us in all arts and sciences, in the history of the world, in the laws of nations; to enable us to understand the principles of life, and how to be useful while we live." ~Brigham Young

I have been thinking... again. I was walking through the family room after General Conference was over, and the family was still watching the ads and things they show between sessions, when an announcer's words caught my attention. "...if you were once a full-time student at BYU and unable to finish your degree..." and "...qualify for the Bachelor of General Studies Program". I paused, and at the same time, both Brandon and Chelsea spun their heads toward me with a look that said, "Hey! That is you!" I looked further at Brandon, who's nod said, "You should look into this." I had actually seen the ads before, but it was their reaction that made me think, "Hey, maybe that is me."
Since then, I have had it at the back of my mind to research it further online. Yesterday, I did. This morning, I called about how many credits I already have. You know, this may be something I can do. I actually am excited to talk to Brandon about it. He is going to call me from work when he gets a minute.
I have, for so long, thought how it would have been so much better (for me, anyway) to have known who I was going to be later (or , now) before I started college. I would have done it so differently.
Maybe this is my chance.


Shelli said...

Hey, that would be so cool! Can't wait to see what you decide!

Melissa said...

I just filled out a college application last week! Interesting how when we finally have some free time to ourselves, we have an idea come to us that will use up most of the free time! Your youngest is in kindergarten this year? Mine is...and it has been nice to take care of me during the day this past year. Now I think I am ready to start working on my education again. It has been 15 years since I have been to school, and this is the first time I have had a small break from being a constant mom. Good luck with your decision.

Trev said...

school is overrated. I suggest sitting on a corner with a cardboard sign saying "will paint for food" or something like that. Now THAT'S creative! School is for people who don't know how to be lazy, or work the system, or whatever. Just stay out of school. ;D What would you study? Good luck with your decision.

wyomingerica said...

That is a great idea. I wonder if it works for BYUI? You would do a great job.

jess said...

What ARE you doing with your art these days?

Krista Jensen said...

I have tried a few times since my accident (14 years ago), to watercolor and draw, but it is too frustrating... the back pain comes really fast with the positions I use for the types of projects I used to do. I have done quick sketches, though, and doodle for the kids. I get sad if I think about it too much. I still think of trying, though. Thanks for asking.