Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017

This phase of life is so crazy. Last year we had both boys (Braeden and Jacob) home with us, Maren, and it was Will's first Easter. This year Jacob is in Spain on his mission (I really need to update this family blog) and Braeden is at BYU, and we wondered if Maren and Will would be on their own this year. But then on the phone, Carly told me she was coming to Gramma K's house for Easter, and just like that, full house again! I'm so thankful Chelsea and Matt brought their family to our home to celebrate Easter, and that it's easier to do now that they're in Portland, Oregon. There is always work when family comes, but Chelsea brought half of the feast and two adorable grandbabies, and I made a special effort to feel the Spirit and ponder what the Atonement has meant to me, even as I pushed my body too hard for my family. I made a special effort to consider how I can improve, and to be mindful of how my actions and words affect my loved ones, and also how to take better care of me. I am still learning to be a better daughter, a better wife, and a better mom. I'm thankful for the example Jesus Christ has set for me, that he is my light in the darkness, and I'm thankful for those miraculous words, "He is risen!"

Coloring the Easter eggs. 

Grabbing a few pictures before church. Kids were nice and wiggly for us.

The Egg Hunt

Happy Easter!


Ditto Family said...

So I totally missed seeing you today - what a beautiful dress! I'm glad your home was filled with wiggles and loved ones!

Krista said...

We were sitting 2 rows directly behind you in Sacrament meeting. Not our usual territory. ;) Thinking of you and Alex. Their "firsts" being gone aren't easy. ((hug))