Thursday, July 28, 2016

Halfway to Ninety-Two. Feels Closer than That.

Today is my birthday. I slept in, talked to my son in Wyoming and my Mom on the phone, enjoyed a deluxe pedicure (hot-rock leg massage), laid in the sun, swam in a pool, played with my husband and kids, endured a sudden and vicious foot cramp (at least it wasn't in the middle of Costco this time), laid in the sun recovering, floated like a jellyfish, ate a perfectly grilled hot dog, Skyped with my beautiful daughter, son, and grandchildren, broke down in tears after they said goodbye because Carly was crying too and I miss them so much, cheered myself up by eating a perfectly constructed banana split, then put a perfectly tired little boy to sleep. THEN I opened some thoughtful, perfect gifts. What a full day. Thank you, Mary, for letting us use your pool. Thank you, Laura and Sara for the pedicure. Thank you Brandon for the yummy dinner and new toys. Thank you, kids, for all the smiles. Thank you, friends, for all of your Birthday wishes. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for giving me such a contented heart on this day.

 I hinted for these. I've actually read the first one--on my phone. 
I wanted the heft of the paperbacks.
 He also got me the companion novella, 
A Slow Regard of Silent Things. Can't wait.

And then . . .
Yes! A new laptop!!! It's so shiny and speedy and not dying a rapid death!
So much motivation to finish my next book.
Thanks, B. You did so very good.

Turning 46, at least for today, was pretty great.

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