Friday, June 05, 2015

Our Garden

I love our house. It has quirks, like the 11" tall lazy river-flushing toilets that we are replacing one by one, and the questionable duct work for the dryer under the house so that we have to use a small water-filled lint-trap that sits on top of the dryer until we can fix it. And the "in-house vacuum system" that doesn't seem to do anything but take up a corner of our garage. And the state of the house when we moved in was . . . kind of gross. The showers had such heavy hard-water buildup they reminded me of some of the mineral geysers at Yellowstone. And we have a water-softener so . . .? My mom and sister spent TWO DAYS on the kitchen when we moved in. And guys? It's a little kitchen. The carpet has some stains, and buckles in the upstairs hallway. And for some reason which remains a mystery, the kids' bathroom door smelled like an old cinnamon bear.

But with a lot of elbow grease and help from my parents and sister, we've scrubbed out the layers of age and neglect. Some of the improvements have to wait until we come back from the adoption, but that's okay. Because I love our house. We've lived here for almost two years now and I love waking up here. Especially in the spring, summer, and fall. I love it when Brandon opens the bedroom curtains and our slider door to let in fresh morning air and sunshine. A dozen birds are singing in our trees and the leaves of the birch trees dance and play in our view. I love the green front door. I love the yellow walls in most of the house, and I love the light that comes in from the tall windows in almost every room. I love that our TV room is small and our family room is big. I love that I have a staircase with a wall to display family pictures as it winds up. I've never had that before. And though our kitchen is small, it's cheerful and cozy, and I do have plans for updating it someday, but it's a good size for me. It takes minutes to clean and I don't cringe thinking of the back pain I might have afterward. The house has a front "formal dining room" with a bay window. We don't need a formal dining room. But it works pretty well as a library and piano room. And maybe a little writing desk?

So the house has its quirks. But it came with gardens. Gardens I've only dreamed of. Gardens I missed in Wyoming's harsh climate. So while I love the character of our house, if I'm honest, the gardens are what sold it. The brick and ivy. The mature trees. The arbors. In the warm seasons, this is my writing room.

I feel so blessed to call this home.

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