Monday, June 15, 2015

Blankets, Books, and Time

This happened on Twitter.

 Define "soon."

In the Lord's time. Right? Isn't that what I've been learning? In the Lord's time. What about cookie time...? 

While we wait for Travel Approval (which, by the looks of things should come this week) I've been busy. And I hesitate to share. Because part of me says, "Wait, because it might fall through. Wait, because last time you shared everything and it fell apart. Wait, because it's a risk. It's all such a risk."
But I made these things and I'm filling time and I'm preparing anyway. It's that whole "try" thing. I have to try. Again. So here we go again. And we're so close. And I want to give people hope. People who might have had things fall through. People who might be afraid to try again. People who are praying for us.

So I'll share.

I searched high and low for a baby book for adoptive families. I found very few, but I really like this one. I'm eager to start filling it in for Will, but I can't bring myself to start it until we have him in China. Until the papers are signed and he's ours.
But I can't wait to fill it in. All of our kids have a baby book. I at least did that.

I finally made a crib quilt. All the other kids had so many blankets and quilts. Will has three. So I made him this and I'm working on another, because who doesn't like soft comfy blankies?

I had a coupon for a free photo book from Shutterfly. So I gathered some pics and made one for Will. We'll take it to China and look through it and hopefully get him used to seeing our faces. Again, I made one of these for XinQin, so it's kind of hard to share it, but it's a sweet little book. 
It makes me smile.

Many people might say we are almost there. We are almost to the finish.
But I know better. 
We will be strangers to Will. We look different, we smell different, we sound different. People who have cared for him, who he has seen every day, who have fed him and put him to bed will be handing him over to us. He will, naturally, not be sure of us. We don't plan on getting much sleep. We do plan on comforting him and showing him he can trust us to be good to him, to feed him, to love him. To make him smile. To play. 
To not leave him alone.
His little body will need to adjust to our food, our drink, our medicine. Our time zone.
These are not things I worry about. Much. He is very young, and in that way, time is on our side.

But when people say we are almost to the finish, I know better.

We are almost to the starting line.

So come on, Starting Line.
Get here already.

(in the Lord's time, of course)
Oh please, oh please.

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Jenny Moore said...

Oh I love you and I'm praying for you!