Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Before we left Cody, our home of 7 years, our friends threw us a get-together to say goodbye. It was fun to see everyone and consider what they've meant to me and to our family. It was also where I was reunited with Brandon after 2 months apart. I wondered how he would react but he gave me a huge hug and kiss in front of everyone so that was pretty amazing. :) Sadly, I remembered the camera after most people had left, but here are a few pics of our dear Cody family. You were our home away from home, our warmth in the long, cold winters, and our smiles when things got tough. I miss you very much and will always be grateful to have lived among my friends in such a wonderful place!

The boys being boys.

Todd, Jamie, and Todd

Claire, Julie, Norma, Jeff

Matt and Chelsea, who came up and surprised us!

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